Gibson Thunderbird IV

Inside the tiny shop, the walls were lined with quality used and vintage guitars.  The better and rarest guitars were behind the counter where the cash register was.  To the left were the bass guitars, all hanging on the wall.  During this visit, I was looking at all the basses all lined up, when I noticed that one of them wasn't shaped like the others, so it didn't fit in somehow.  As I focused on this fact , I began to think that what I was really looking at was indeed something rare and unusual. 

Building Model Cars in the 1960’s

The more kits I built, the better I became at constructing these model cars.  I enjoyed going to the local hobby shops to browse the shelves, looking at the various kits that could be purchased.  I immediately fell in love with the box art, which I have always considered at least as important as the actual kit itself.  I could look at this artwork all day, completely mezmerized by what I saw on the hobby shop shelves.

My earliest days as a bass player.

With the money I earned at my part-time job after school, I went to several guitar shops to look for my first bass guitar.  Because I had no previous knowledge of what to look for in my search for a bass guitar, I simply settled on one that fit my budget, rather than the various important elements on the instrument's playability.  You see, I didn't know any better.  

It’s 1970 all over again…

In the summer of 1970, I attended the NHRA regional event held at St. Thomas Dragway.  At this event, some of the hottest cars from across North America came to the track in Sparta, Ontario, hoping to race and win valuable points in the season-long championship series. 

James Hunter Six

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to a car show early one morning.  Bored with the music playing on the radio, I started flipping through the dial.  The radio landed on a CBC station, and it was playing this very funky reggae tune I had never heard.  The song spoke to me immediately, and I had to find out what it was.  I pulled over, grabbed my cell phone and found my "Shazam" app.  I found out that the song was called "Corina" by the James Hunter Six.