Three Little Pigs Pentry, a tribute to a local legend.

I’ve always wondered about that name.  If I was naming my drive-in restaurant, I’m not sure I would want to have it relate to pigs at all.  However, it worked for them, as this drive-in was very popular in the old section of London, Ontario for decades.

Three Little Pigs Pentry was known for their quality food and service, with their combination of sit down service inside, as well as car-hop service outside.  First opened during the depression era of the 1930’s, this local restaurant lasted well into the later 1960’s before closing.  Quality and taste were top notch, as was their service.  BBQ chicken in a basket was high on the menu, as well as the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and onion rings.

Unlike so many of the original locally owned “mom & pop” restaurants that got squeezed out of business by the big chain restaurants, Three Little Pigs thrived and survived until the owners decided to retire on their own terms, after their long and successful term in the business.  This London institution is fondly remembered by residents and customers to this day.


Three Little Pigs Pentry Drive-in Restaurant in the 1950’s, located in London, Ontario, Canada.

ThreeLittlePigsSign - Copy (2)

Threee Little Pigs Pentry, London Ontario’s legendary drive-in restaurant, as it looked in the 1960’s.

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