Department store catalogs from the 1960’s.

For many years, I worked in a huge antique mall, where I was constantly surrounded by history every day.  While doing my duty providing customer service, I was also able to continually research topics from the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  Every time a dealer would come in to the store to restock their booth, it meant there were new things to discover each day.  One of my favorite things to check out are old department store catalogs, and when dealers brought these in to sell, it was a delight to go through.

Whether it was a department store in Canada or the United States, these old catalogs were like windows from the past.  Every time I would find one, I immediately started looking for several of my favorite subjects.  First, I would look for a “toy” section in hopes of finding their selection of either slot car racing sets or model cars.  I would often find pages of them, each seeming better than the last.  The next section of the catalog I would turn to was their selection of musical instruments.  I would marvel over the selection of guitars (six string and bass), as well as  amplifiers, drum kits and any other musical instrument and accessory available back then.

Old copies of catalogs from Canadian Tire often feature pages of cool accessories for your car that were popular in the 1960’s.  These pages also fill my head with ideas, information and history.

The best thing about these old catalog pages is that most of them were in full color, making these now historic finds come alive and almost jump off the page.

What memories do these bring for you?


Copy of 1967_01s


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