All day breakfast!

My wife and I went out for breakfast this morning.  This is always a bit of a treat for us, as we don’t do it enough, so when we do, it’s always special.  We have had several places around town that have been our favourite over the years, but that has changed over time.  We are never sure what the deal is.  Our speculation is that the cook moves on and the way breakfast is made is different with each short order cook hired.

For the longest time, we hunted for a new place that we would enjoy, but failed miserably to find that special spot.  The eggs were not right, or the meat was overdone.  The potatoes tasted like they had been boiled, or there was too much seasoning applied.  And the coffee!  Sheesh, most of the time, it tasted like it may have been siphoned directly out of the janitor’s mop water bucket!  I mean, if you are paying for breakfast food, it better be worth the money!

You would think that it can’t be that hard to figure out, after all, it’s breakfast!  How hard can it be?  Well, I guess it’s harder than it looks!

Jill and I recently visited a place on the corner of Eagle Street and Speedsville Road called The Eagle Restaurant.  I’ve driven by the place hundreds of times, but have never gone inside.  We wanted to go out for breakfast one day, so we finally tried this place out.

The place is not big, nor is it fancy, but the breakfast is great, and it doesn’t break the bank.  You get lots of food, its always fresh, and all at the best price in town.  Notable here is the quality of the bread, which is locally made and always tasty.

So, if you are in Cambridge, Ontario, and looking for a great breakfast spot, we recommend the Eagle Restaurant.  They are only open for breakfast, as the place closes for the day around 2 pm, I believe.



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