The Cambridge Fall Fair

For years, I’ve read about the Cambridge Fall Fair at Dickson Park and how local residents have complained about the noise.  Years ago, I lived in this same neighborhood but I don’t really remember the fair as being much of a problem.  12 years later, my wife and I moved back to the same neighborhood, but this time, residing in a 5 story condo building overlooking the old section of town.  As we have noticed over the time we have lived here, from this height, you can hear every sound in town louder than ever.  You would swear that the fire truck with sirens blaring is right outside your window instead of three blocks away.

The fall fair here in Cambridge, Ontario, starts on the Thursday evening after the Labor Day weekend.  On Wednesday morning, you could see the service trucks roll into town, heading for Dickson Park.  Within a few hours, most of the larger rides and attractions had already been staged and set up.  There is a tower in the middle of the park that they erected that features a lot of colorful flashing lights.  Next to that is a large Ferris wheel, also awash in lights.  I’m sure that these were lit up on Wednesday night as a way to let people know ahead of time that the fair was back in town.

By four pm on Thursday, the fair was in full swing, with lots of lights, blaring music, and plenty of action throughout the park.  The cover band playing on Thursday evening must have been in front of a sparse crowd, or one that didn’t appreciate the music they were playing, as there was virtually no positive feedback after each song played.  It didn’t seem to matter, as the music played on until nearly 11 pm.

With the lights from the tower and the Ferris wheels aglow, I had thought that as soon as it was dark, it would make a great picture from our 5th floor balcony.  Sadly, the baseball stadium lights were also turned on, which faced my vantage point, washing away any chance of me capturing the carnival lighting on film.  Rats!

Now, here it is just past 4 pm on Friday, the Ferris wheel in the park began to spin again, an AC/DC tribute band started to rock out on the stage, and the Friday evening festivities have begun.

Well…I guess the noise will be over in another 7 hours or so…


Sights of the 2018 Cambridge Fall Fair, as seen from our 5th floor balcony.  Ferris wheel in the center of the picture, and just to the left of it, you can see the tip of the tower.  Both of these fair structures look amazing at night all lit up in the darkness The brown and white building is Dickson Arena.

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